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I Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby, Cause Baby Won't You Look at me Now!

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We do have an occasional adult friendly bird accepted as consignment.

Email: info@busybirds.net
Our infants are selected from professional breeders whose birds have the best color and personality traits. GOOD BIRDS come from GOOD PARENTS!
Thinking about including a bird in your lifestyle? Outside finches and canaries, most of these birds form tremendous bonds—beyond most dogs and cats. Because of their flocking behavior, they want to be included in everything you do, you'll even notice they'll eat when you eat. Because they are highly social, they EXPECT attention. Take one home for a few months and then decide it's not going to work out—they GRIEVE. So consider all aspects before adopting one of these little fellows. You will have time, space, and bunches of love to give. There is a bird that will fulfill every longing and limitation—big to small; quiet to song, chirp, or voice; one that just needs food and water to one who wants to be your shadow; one you have to protect from cats and dogs to one you'll have to protect the cat or dog. There's a bird for you!

New Hatchlings

Just to give you an idea how FRAIL these birds are at birth (hatch). The eggs are watched carefully —the hatching process occurs over approx. 1½ days and the eggs are assisted when necessary. You can't just finish cracking the egg, the baby would go into shock. The top picture is a 4 hour old baby cockatiel.



The middle picture is a Sun Conure less than 24 hours old. The feeding schedule is pretty intensive, every 2 hours.




Same little fellow, just on his belly. Notice the crop is full of formula. There is SO much involved—not only the know how of feeding and careful monitoring to make sure the crop empties, etc.; You need a wealth of knowledge that will bring these frail creatures to become the healthy youngsters you will see below.

Green Wing Macaw
1 adult currently in store
Blue & Gold Macaw
1 teen currently in store
This youngster is a couple of months old. The bright colors, intelligence, and ability to talk make these birds popular as pets.
2 teens currently in store
A delightful, affectionate, and entertaining. Absolute clowns, not only colorful feathers (rich blues,greens, yellows, and red orange), BUT COLORFUL personalities!
Moluccan Cockatoo
We believe his pictures speak for themselves! Beautiful color!
Cockatoos are known for their affectionate cuddliness
. Below:This pair are 13 weeks.These two are really a couple of clowns! Come in and see them!

1 baby currently in store


This fellow has already been adopted, but we usually arrange to always have one here.Shown below is a newly arrived infant.

African Gray
4 babies currently in store

2 4wk old babies

About African Grays

African Gary parrots have the reputation as being the best talkers of the parrot kingdom. They have an uncanny ability to not only mimic speech, but mimic it in a voice that sounds quite human. They also imitate sounds with incredible accuracy, from dripping faucets to construction equipment. Be careful about uttering any words you don't want your bird to learn, since they seem to have a knack for learning just what you don't want them to learn!
He's the quiet one,gentle and lovable.
About Pionus
Jardine Macaw

Great talkers and are the "party animals" of the parrots. Like to play and have fun.
About Jardines

Goldcap Conures

About Goldcap Conures

Below shows an adult Goldcap that's boarding for a short stay.

Severe Macaw

Loves to talk! Has all the great characteristics of the macaws packed in a small body, great for limited space.

About Sever Macaws


One of nature's brilliant color displays. These birds are quiet, affectionate, and are talkers.
About Eclectus

Sun Conure

These small parrots are great companions

About Sun Conures

Senegal Parrot
Smaller and quieter, ideal for apartments. The males have orange breasts and the female yellow.
About Senegals

More info about Senegals

9 whiteface teens
albino 2 teens
& 2 infants
currently in store

They've got the big bird attitude built in a little body; colorful to look at and fun to watch.
About Cockatiels
The bottom pic - these three are about to graduate and go out front with the big guys.

Rosey Bourke Parakeets

Peaceable, gets along with other birds-quiet chatter.

About Bourke Parakeets

Love Birds
11 assorted infants plus 3 black masks
currently in store

Affectionate, active, and playful. We ALWAYS have a good selection of young birds.

About lovebirds


Cheerful, beautiful song.

About canaries